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  2. Buddha's Favorite
  3. Pha Lau Stew

We are Sizzle!

   At its core, the innovation behind Sizzle Spot stems from offering a unique take on teppanyaki, a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food, by taking traditional Vietnamese ingredients and flavors and adding a modern spin, with influence from diverse cultures, resulting in Vietnamese food that is re-invented and is a reflection of our local community. 

   At Sizzle Spot we want you to take time to enjoy good food and good drinks with good friends. Experiment with our exquisitely crafted sauces to create a taste of your own to satisfy your craving, because you know what you like best. If you're feeling adventurous, ask our servers for some ideas!
How To Sizzle
The Sizzle Spot concept involves a method of cooking which uses hot cast iron plates that are heated to the perfect temperature. Raw meat, vegetables, and rice or noodles are then placed on the plates, where you mix combine the ingredients and your meal is cooked right in front of you. The meat can be eaten medium rare to well done, depending on your own preference. Add specialty sauces, that are made in our restaurant with the best ingredients, to create a meal that is incomparable to anything you've tasted. 
San Jose Reservations


We make food that sizzles you beyond your expectations

We master the sizzling plate.

We make your everyday food exciting

Sizzle Spot exceeds your expectations through
service excellence.
We work hard to win our guests’ hearts and minds. From the restaurant ambience to guest service to the sizzling plates, we deliver a unique, high value, fast-casual experience that sets us apart from all the others.

Sizzle Spot delivers fresh, fast and quality dishes throughout the day.
We know our guests are busy people. That is why we try our best to deliver your dishes within five minutes of your order.  

Sizzle Spot’s sizzling plate platform
We make and deliver all of  our dishes on hot sizzling plates. Using our proprietary sizzling technique, we transform familiar ingredients into mouth-watering dishes that will leave you wanting more.  All you have to do is add the sauce and it cooks in front of you.

Sizzle Spot champions social media
We leverage social media to bring our employees, guests and community closer together.

Sizzle Spot delights your senses
The magic of Sizzle Spot comes from the sights, sounds, smells, tastes of our unique dishes.  

Silicon Valley with a Twist
Our style is Silicon Valley meets Little Saigon – innovative, ego-free, confidence, creative, passionate and a little crazy. We put time, heart and soul into every dish on our menu. Our international flavors speak to the diversity of our community and its influence on our cuisine.

Community Restaurant
We designed Sizzle Spot as a community restaurant. Every Sizzle Spot location has its own heart and character, flavored by its unique team, guests, and history.

Sizzle Menu


Sizzle Plates

  1. $4.95
    Parmesan Cheese Fries
    Thinly Cut Fries Smothered in Parmesan Cheese & House Aioli Sauce, Topped w/ Parsley
  2. $6.95
    Sizzle Chicken Wings
    Fish Sauce Marinated Wings
  3. $7.95
    Da Lat Pizza
    Shredded chicken marinated in a special house sauce, egg, enoki mushrooms & basil, topped w/ sesame seeds & Sriracha served over crisped rice
  4. $7.95
    Mam Mam Pizza
    Seared pork belly, egg, enoki mushrooms & basil, topped w/ Mam Ruoc sauce & sesame seeds served over crisped rice
  5. $7.95
    Happy Buddha Pizza
    Shredded tofu, salted radish, egg, enoki mushroom & basil, topped w/ sesame seeds served over crisped rice
  6. $5.95
    Crispy Sweet Potato Fries
    Sweet Potato Fries Tossed in Paprika & Salt
  7. $6.95
    Corn Fritter
    Deep Fried Sweet Corn, Shrimp & Green Onions
  8. $4.50
    House Edamame
    Soybeans Tossed in House Special Sauce
  9. $6.95
    Lemon-Lime Pepper Wings
    Crispy Wings Tossed in Lemon-Lime Sause w/ Salt & Black Pepper
  10. $6.95
    Parmesan Garlic Butter Wings
    Crispy Wings Tossed in Special Garlic Butter Sause w/ Parmesan Cheese
  11. $6.95
    Sesame BBQ Wings
    Crispy Wings Tossed in House BBQ Sause Topped w/ Sesame Seeds
  12. $7.95
    Pan Fried Radish Cake
    House-made Crispy Radish Cake, Egg & Green Onions
  1. $9.95
    Mam Mam
    Sliced Beef w/ Vietnamese Mam Ruoc Sauce, Sizzle Basics, & Steamed Rice
  2. $9.95
    Curry With the Shot
    Chicken breast w/ House Curry Sauce, Sizzle Basics, & Steamed Rice
  3. $11.95
    Story Road Short Rib
    Grilled Short-Rib, Sizzle Basics, & Steamed Rice
  4. $8.95
    Seared Pork Belly w/ Vietnamese Mam Ruoc Sauce, Sizzle Basics, & Steamed Rice
  5. $12.95
    Dancing Thai Noodle
    Seared Shrimp in House Thai Sauce, Sizzle Basics, & Flat Noodles (Substitute w/ Chicken or Beef)
  6. $12.95
    Dancing Thai Noodle
    Seared Shrimp in House Thai Sauce, Sizzle Basics, & Flat Noodles (Substitute w/ Chicken or Beef)
  7. $9.95
    Buddha's Favorites
    Homemade Salted Radish, Tofu, Sizzle Basics, & Steamed Rice
  8. $8.95
    Buddha Loves Tofu
    Braised Tofu w/ Black Pepper, Enoki Mushrooms, Onions & Steamed Rice
  9. $13.95
    Papa's Steak
    Seared Premium Sirloin Steak, Sizzle Basics, & Steamed Rice Served on the Side
  10. $12.95
    Slammin' Salmon
    Seared Salmon Steak, Sizzle Basics, & Steamed Rice Served on the Side
  11. $8.95
    Spammin' Kids
    Spam, Egg, Corn, Seaweed, & Steamed Rice, Topped w/ Sesame Seeds
  12. $10.95
    Beef Garlic Noodles
    Sliced Premium Beef Served w/ Garlic Noodles & Sizzle Basics
  13. $12.95
    Shrimp Garlic Noodles
    Seared Shrimp Served w/ Garlic Noodles & Sizzle Basics


  1. $7.95
    Saigon Sweetheart
    Mango Served with Sweet Sticky Rice and Bananas, Topped w/ Peanuts & Coconut Sauce on a Sizzle Plate

Beloved Bowls

  1. $8.95
    Sizzle Beef Noodles
    Slow-Cooked LemonGrass Beef Broth w/ Prime Rib, Beef Tendon, Shank, Vietnamese Ham & Pork Belly Served w/ Napa Cabbage, Mint & Coriander Leaves
  2. $4.95
    Papa's Prime Rib Soup
    Slow-Cooked Premium Prime Rib in Lemongrass Beef Broth Served w/ Napa Cabbage & Mint Leaves
  3. $6.95
    Mama's Bone Soup
    All-day Stewed Pork Bone w/ Shrimp paste, Daikon, Asian Herbs, Dates, Cilantro &Green Onions Served w/ Ramen Noodles on the side
  4. $10.95
    Seafood Sate'
    Clams, Shrimp, Salmon & Fish Cake in Sate' Broth Served w/ Slim Egg Noodles *Sate' Broth Contains: Lemongrass, Red Beans & Spices
  5. $9.95
    Beef Sate'
    Tendon Meat Balls & Thin Sliced Prime Beef in Sate' Broth Served w/ Slim Egg Noodles *Sate' Broth Contains: Lemongrass, Red Beans & Spices
  6. $12.95
    Sizzle Prime Rob Beef Noodle
    A Wonderful blend of Papa's Prime Rib Soup & Sizzle Beef Noodles *Limited Availability Daily
  7. $8.95
    Sizzling Sate' Noodle
    Thin Sliced Beef Sate' over Flat Rice Noodles, Beansprouts, Cilantro & Basil Served w/ Rice Crackers *Homemade sate' paste contains: Ground Pork, Peanut Butter, Lemongrass & Hot Chili Oil

Hot Pot

  1. $12.95
    Chicken Curry Pot
    Napa Cabbage, Spinach, Taro, Potatoes, Carrots, Corn, Kamaboko Fish Cake, Fish Balls w/ Roe, Fried Tofu, Chicken Breast & Udon Noodles in House Curry Broth
  2. $14.95
    Thai Seafood Pot
    Napa Cabbage, Spinach, Shrimp, Straw Mushrooms, Soft Tofu, Squid Rings, Fish, Fish Balls with Roe, Fish Cake, Kamaboko Fish Cake, Imitation Crab, Green Onions & Vermicelli Noodles in Thai Style Broth
  3. &13.95
    Laos Style Pot
    Celery Leaves, Beansprouts, Vietnamese Coriander, Tomatoes, Pineapples, Okra, Red Peppers, Taro Stem Vegetable, Catfish Steak & Vermicelli Noodles in Laos Style Broth
  4. $13.95
    *** Taiwanese Beef Pot
    Napa Cabbage, Spinach, Beef Meatballs, Shrimp Paste, Basil Leaves, Beef Shank, Sliced Beef & Egg Noodles in Taiwanese Style Broth
  5. $13.95
    *** Korean Style Pot
    Napa Cabbage, Spinach, Long Rice Cake, Fish Cake, Kamaboko Fish Cake, Fish Balls w/ Roe, Kimchi, Soft Tofu, Corn, Spam, Vienna sausage, Sliced Pork Belly & Udon Noodles in Korean Style Broth
  6. $12.95
    Vegetarian Pot
    Napa Cabbage, Spinach, Soft Tofu, Fried Tofu, Long Rice Cake, Salted Radish, Kamaboko Fish Cake, Corn, Green Onions & Flat Rice Noodles in Veggie Broth
  7. $12.95
    Blue Crab Pot ( Seasonal)
    Napa Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Tomatoes, Blue Crab, Crab & Pork Meatballs, Fried Tofu, Green Onions & Cilantro, Shrimp Paste & Vermicelli Noodles in Tomato- Crab Broth
  8. $13.95
    *** Combination Pot
    Napa Cabbage, Spinach, Straw Mushrooms, Corn, Long Rice Cake, Fish Cake, Kamaboko Fish Cake, Fish Balls w/ Roe, Imitation Crab, Squid Rings, Octopus, Fish & Udon Noodles in House Special Broth
  9. $12.95
    Sizzle Pork Stew
    Beef Tripe, Pork Tongue, Pork Ear, Beef Liver, Coconut Milk, Coriander Leaves & Ramen Noodle in Special Pork Stew

Side Orders

  1. $1.00
    White RIce
  2. $1.75
    Brown Rice
  3. $3.95
    Kimchi Fried Rice
  4. $3.95
    Garlic Noodles
  5. $1.95
    Udon Noodles
  6. $1.95
    Flat White Noodles
  7. $1.95
  8. $1.95
    Egg Noodles
  9. $1.00
    Instant Ramen
  10. $1.25
  11. $0.95
    Butter Bomb
  12. $1.95
    Extreme Veggies (Sizzle Plates)
  13. $3.95
    Extreme Veggies (Hot Pot)
"This is a great new addition to Vietnam town in San Jose. It has a great ambiance & not only do they have great sizzle plates, they also have one of the best pha lau stews in town. It is a must-try place for anyone who loves great food."

You've yelped us.
we hear you. 
The Word on the street is...

​​"Great service and delicious food... Do yourself a favor and try this spot out before there's a line out the door!"
" All in all I recommend you at least give this place a try, the owners & staff are all very humble & I would definitely come back."
"Welcome to my side of town sizzle spot! I hope you are here to stay."


Join the Sizzle Spot team and help us delight our guests by delivering service excellence.  We are looking for team members who will work hard to anticipate and deliver on the needs of our guests in order to exceed their expectations.  We want our guests to come back for the food and for the excellent service and attention they received during their visit.  Each team member's role is critical to the success of Sizzle Spot, so we try hard to bring on the right team members who truly care about delivering on our goal of service excellence.

740 Story Rd. Ste #1
San Jose, CA 95127


(408) 217-9394


Every day
11 AM - 10 PM